The Phonetic Mnemonic System is an advanced memory system that can be used to remember almost anything – from pin numbers to decks of cards. It can also be combined with other memory systems to further enhance your memory.

Learning this system, however, requires a bit of skill and practice. In order to help with using this system I’ve created a Phonetic Mnemonic Tool. This tool can be used to convert numbers to words that follow the rules for creating effective visual imagery. You can use this tool to help you remember phone numbers, lock combinations, multiplication tables and more.

If you are not familiar with the Phonetic Mnemonic System I recommend you first read over the article: Phonetic Mnemonic System. Once you understand how to use the system give the Phonetic Mnemonic Tool a try to see the suggestions it makes. Try your phone number or best friend’s birthday. Once you get the hang of it you can try creating your own words for things you want to remember. With a bit of practice you will find you will be able to remember almost anything you want.