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This tool helps with the process of encoding information in a way that makes it much easier to remember.  This is achieved by converting numbers into easy to remember words that follow the rules for creating effective visual imagery.  Be sure to read about the Phonetic Mnemonic System to fully understand how to use this tool.

Enter a number and press the submit button.  This tool will generate a list of easily visualized words to help you remember the given number.

Enter a number:

Phonetic Mnemonic Reference Table

Digit Consonant sound Memory Aid Acrostic
0 z, s, soft c “z” is for “zero” Zero is a cipher
1 t, th, d “t” has one down stroke Train the dog
2 n two down strokes
3 m three down strokes
4 r last sound for the word four (in several languages)
5 l Roman numeral for 50 is “L”
6 j, sh, ch, soft g reversed script “j” resembles 6 Jack should chase giants
7 k, q, hard c, hard g “K” made of two horizontal 7’s Kings and queens count gold
8 f, v script “f” resembles 8 Fun vacation
9 p, b “p” is mirror image of 9 Pretty baby

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