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Spiritual matters are very personal and can mean something different to each person. For the purpose of this website, spirituality can be considered as having some of the following qualities:

  • A sense of purpose
  • A feeling of inner peace
  • Religious observance
  • Working towards the greater good

Spirituality can also include helping others achieve these things.

There are many ways to increase spirituality in your life. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Be kinder to others. For example, avoid road rage when driving, give to the homeless, hold the door for others
  • Donate time, money, food, clothing etc.
  • Volunteer — there are organizations that can help you find a place that is best suited for you. You can even align a volunteer position with one of your other goals such as social networking.
  • Assume peoples’ intentions are good — if someone is angry at you try and understand why. Suspend judgment — especially on appearance
  • Hand out compliments (but only if they are genuine!)
  • Be grateful and thankful for what you have. Make this a habit.
  • Get to know people better. Be a friend. Listen to what others have to say (see the Social and Interpersonal Skills section)
  • Get to know yourself better (see the Personal Skills section)
  • Pray or meditate in a way that is meaningful to you
  • Learn about your religion. Learn about other religions. Remember that organized religion can make you more spiritual but only of you take its messages to heart and try and incorporate them into your life.
  • Develop an appreciation of nature — walk in the park, enjoy a garden, study a flower

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