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Having effective learning skills, strategies, and techniques can greatly improve your ability to acquire new information — whether at school or on the job. Good learning skills can reduce the time spent studying as well as increase the effectiveness of your efforts. When learning, it is very important not only how you schedule your time but also how you apply yourself during your time. Developing good study habits will be beneficial in both the short term as well as the long term.

Work smarter not harder

When it comes to learning new information it doesn’t matter how ‘smart’ you are, what is important is how you approach the task of studying. In general, people who are considered ‘smart’ really just apply these techniques — either consciously or unconsciously.

This section of the website presents many techniques and strategies that can be applied by anyone to increase the effectiveness of the time spent studying, learning, and remembering.

The learning process

When we learn we are generally trying to achieve three things:

Remember — commit new information to memory so we can access it in the future. There are many memory skills and techniques that can be used to vastly improve your memory. Having good memory skills provides a solid base for the following tasks.

  • Comprehension and understanding — of course we must understand what we are studying. The true test of whether or not we understand what we are studying is our ability to apply the information correctly.
  • Applying your knowledge — if you can apply what you have learned to solve problems with the information you have studied then you have truly learned it.

Applying the learning skills

It is possible to increase the effectiveness of our learning time and effort by applying effective learning strategies. Good learning skills are a set of techniques that you follow when you study. There are many strategies that can be applied to improve learning and make the time you spend learning more effective. By working on your learning skills until you are proficient and they are habitual, you will quickly acquire new information and grasp new concepts easily.

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