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Many people are not aware that there are many strategies and techniques that can help with learning and memorization. While you likely use at least some of these techniques, consciously or unconsciously, this list will help you become aware of different strategies that you can use to make your studying and learning time more effective. By being more aware of these techniques you can consciously apply them when needed.

Learning Strategies

The following list summarizes the set of learning strategies.

Chunking — grouping information into larger chunks

Pictures vs. Words — mentally representing information for easier access in the future

Meaningfulness — adding meaning to information to make it easier to remember

Organization — organizing information so it is easier to find when it is needed

Association — associating information to other knowledge already learned

Attention — paying attention to what you want to remember

Repetition — repeating information to help learn it more thoroughly and effectively

Relaxation — being in a relaxed state helps the learning process

Context — the environment you learn in as well as the environment you recall in influences your performance

Interest — the more interest you have in a topic the more motivated you will be to learn it

Feedback — getting feedback while learning can help you understand what you have accomplished so far as well as provide encouragement to continue learning

For more information on effective learning strategies, or studying in general, please take a look at my review of The Study Method

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