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Rote learning

Repetition is the most basic technique for learning. Rote learning is trying to learn something that isn’t meaningful by repeating it over and over. We have all had experience with this and we all know that it isn’t very effective. Repetition is necessary for learning but not sufficient for most learning.

Despite its limitations, repetition plays an important role in learning. Repeated exposure to information can help us to learn it better, however, repetition alone often isn’t enough (for other techniques that are needed, see the related pages section below).

Increased insight

The more exposure you have to the material you are learning the more likely you will have greater insight into the material. By repeatedly reviewing the material you will be picking up details that you may have missed in early passes. Repeated learning will also help you to understand the overall structure and framework of the material. This makes it easier to learn related information as you already have a structure in which to put it.

Over learning

Over learning material is the key to ensuring long time retention as well as speed of recall. You over learn material by repeatedly learning after you feel you already know it.

Over learning information can also increase your confidence. If you have a speech or a presentation you can increase your confidence during your delivery if you over learn the material beforehand.


Increasing your number of exposures to the material you are learning by reviewing it also helps to ensure your understanding and memory of the material.

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