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The importance of feedback

When you are learning new material, feedback can help you maintain interest as well let you know how you are progressing. Feedback can help you to understand if your current learning strategy is working as well as provide an idea of how much effort you need to complete your learning. By using feedback information you can make adjustments to your studying to help you to improve in the future. Feedback can also help you estimate how well you will perform on future tasks.

Getting Feedback

There are several ways that you can get feedback.

  • Study with a friend and quiz each other
  • While studying, create a list of questions that you can use later to test your knowledge.
  • Many textbooks already have practice questions that you can use to test yourself
  • Talk to someone who is already familiar with the material you are learning (such as your teacher) and ask them for advice on how to improve your knowledge.
  • If you are learning a speech, practice in front of another person, a mirror, or even a video or tape recorder.

Using Feedback

Getting feedback is important but it is also important to use the feedback to improve your studying techniques. By understanding what material you learned and what material you didn’t you can improve your studying techniques. For material that you didn’t learn perfectly the first time spend more time studying it. For the material that you did learn understand why your learned it and try and apply those learning techniques to the material you didn’t get.

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