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What is a mnemonic system?

A mnemonic system is like a mental filing system. By mentally filing information you can locate and find the information in your memory easier when you need it. Also, using a mnemonic system will help you to remember more information for a longer period of time.

How does a mnemonic system help?

Mnemonic filing systems help you in the following three tasks:

  1. It gives you a place to start your search by providing a way to locate the first item
  2. It gives you a way of proceeding systematically from one item to the next
  3. It will let you know when your recall is finished, when you have reached the last item

Mnemonic Systems

The systems presented on this site have developed over several hundred years and in some cases over several thousand. The mnemonic systems are given in the more information system below.

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More Information

Link Mnemonic System
Story Mnemonic System
Loci System
Peg Mnemonic System
Phonetic Mnemonic System
Phonetic Mnemonic Tool

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