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Review of: Memory in a Month
Description: Provides a collection of memory skills and techniques to help with remembering a variety of information
Author name: SkillsToolbox
Rating: 4.5 / 5
Summary: An excellent resource for memory techniques from one of the masters
Note: This product is no longer available. However, Ron White has another product you may be interested in: Black Belt Memory


I recently purchased Ron White’s “Memory in a Month” course. I was looking for a product that would refresh some of the techniques I already know about memory improvement as well as hopefully learn something new.

Ron White, the creator of this product, is a world memory champion. Here is a short video showing him in action recalling the names of 80 people at a conference:

While this demonstration is impressive, the question I had before I purchased the product, and you are probably asking too, is: “Will this product teach me to memorize the names of 80 people?” Hopefully I help answer this question for you below.

Product Description

Here is another video of Ron White describing what you can find in his “Memory in a Month” course:

The “Memory in a Month” program consists of 6 CDs worth of audios and a 44 page workbook – all of which you can download immediately after purchasing the product. The CDs contain 30 days worth of audios. The intention is that you listen to one track every day for 30 days. This gives you time to absorb the information as well as get into the habit of learning and practicing the memory techniques that are being taught. This is what I did and I found it very effective.

In addition to the memory course, there were several bonuses included as well. These include:

  • Ron White’s speed reading
  • How to memorize everything e-book
  • Name training and pictures for names
  • Instructional memory videos

I generally prefer to read instead of listen to audios but in this case, Ron White’s ability to walk through various visual memory techniques was much better in the audio format. It allowed me to focus on the imagery in my mind which produced a much more effective result than if I had read it.

My Expectations

I am already familiar with several memory techniques and systems. I have read several books on this topic so I am familiar with the subject. However, it is one thing to know the techniques, it is another thing to be able to successfully and consistently apply them.

I purchased “Memory in a Month” because it promised to deliver a course that would give me a working knowledge of effective memory techniques. This would help me to shift from an understanding of how to improve my memory which I always hoped to master one day, to getting me started with practical applications and the development of my skill as a master memorizer.

I wasn’t sure how much, if anything, I would get out of this product. I figured, in the worst case, I would at least refresh my knowledge of what I already knew.

My Results

The existing knowledge I had of various memory techniques were covered in the course which provided a good review. It is important to note, however, that I would have been just fine if I was starting from scratch.

The techniques that are presented are quickly applied and turned into practical knowledge through listening to the descriptions, exercises, and applications.

Throughout the course Ron White takes you through various memory exercises. Each day he would either introduce a new system or technique, or apply one he had taught earlier. Quite often the things he had me memorize, which initially seemed like a random list of words or images for the purpose of learning a specific system, would end up being cues themselves for other information such as the first 10 states in alphabetical order, counting in Japanese, or abstract mathematical formulas.

After completing the course I was impressed with the amount of information I had memorized over the month that I listened to it.

I now have practical and effective techniques to memorize a wide variety of information such as arbitrary numbers, names, lists of items, speeches and even abstract information like mathematical formulas.

Using the techniques provided I was able to put together and memorize my own 10 point strategy for talking to people which allows me to effectively and professionally interact with people without needing to rely on notes.

By applying the techniques as they are taught, I can now be introduced to a small group of people and recall all their names for the remainder of the evening – a huge improvement over my previous strategies of awkwardly avoiding using a person’s name. This boost in confidence makes a huge difference.

In answer to my initial question – Ron White certainly teaches you the techniques to remember 80 names at a time but only people who are motivated and determined to practice and apply the techniques will get to this level. But how often do you need to remember 80 names at a time?

Who would benefit from “Memory in a Month”?

Students will find this information extremely useful. I wish I had knowledge of these techniques when I was a student. I remember putting in a lot of time and effort studying and preparing for tests and I was always met with mixed results – sometimes I would do well and sometimes not so well. This was always frustrating for me because I could never consistently or predictably perform well on tests.

These memory systems make studying and memorizing school work much more straight forward, predictable, and dependable.

Professionals who need to memorize product knowledge or sales presentation will also find great value in the techniques that are taught in this course. Ron White gives examples throughout of how his techniques have been applied to business and sales with great results.

I also believe that these techniques can help anyone improve their memory for daily activities such as remembering where they left their car keys, what to pick up from the store, and other things that are otherwise commonly forgotten due to absentmindedness.

Some words of caution

Listening to this course will not give you a perfect photographic memory in 30 days. Instead, you will get techniques and a good foundation which you can immediately apply to many situations, but will need to practice if you want to fully develop it to the point where you can effortlessly memorize whatever you want.

Even though this is an audio course, you cannot passively listen to while driving or doing other work. You need to focus and in many cases visualize the information that is presented in the audios.

If you want to remember things for the long term, you will need to review the information. However, the review is easy and is only needed a handful of times. Having said that, I believe it is much easier and more effective to learn using these techniques than the more traditional methods of learning new information such as through repetition.

This course is digital only. While this allows you to download it immediately after purchasing it, if you have a slow or limited internet connection it may be a problem.


If you are looking to improve your memory, overcome absentmindedness, or learn to better remember peoples’ names, then I would definitely recommend this product.

The following link will take you to the product sales page which will give you more information, answer frequently asked questions, and allow you to purchase the product.

After your purchase you will be able to access the product immediately.

Also keep in mind that this product comes with a 60 day money back guarantee so you can return it if you don’t like it. Pretty good for a 30 day course!

Note: This product is no longer available. However, Ron White has another product you may be interested in: Black Belt Memory

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