If you have young children you want to give them the most opportunities in life. One of the biggest gifts you can give them is the ability to read. Research has shown that the earlier your child reads the better their future academic performance will be. This creates a positive cycle that pushes their intellectual growth ahead of the curve and can open many opportunities for them.

I have added a module about how to teach your child to read. I found that people can find the task of teaching their child to read to be overwhelming. I put together this guide so that parents and educators can have a resource that provides information on what is involved, how to get started, and what kind of progress to expect.

This module contains information on:

While this information should give you a good idea of the benefits of teaching your child to read as well as what is involved, I recommend you find a complete system to help you present the necessary information to your child in a systematic and structured way. I personally have found the Children Learning Reading system to work well for me. I have used it with great success with my own daughter.

I hope you find this information useful and good luck getting started!