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The story mnemonic system encodes information by associating each item in a list with elements of a story. This technique requires that you are able to create a simple story around the items you have to memorize. This technique can be helpful for children since creating a story can be a fun way to memorize information.

Using the story mnemonic system

Good visualization techniques help make the story system more effective, but it can also be used by people who can’t visualize very well.

To memorize a list of items, make a story out of them — as the story unfolds it should incorporate the next item in the list.


There are a few ways to modify the story mnemonic system that may better suit your needs.

  • associate the items on the list with a story you already know
  • associate the items on the list with places along a route or path you know well, like your route to work or school

Comparison to the link mnemonic system

The story mnemonic system has many similarities to the link mnemonic system. However, it differs from the link system in the following ways:

  1. In the link system items are paired together independently of each other. The story system provides a general context or framework where each item fits in. The logical sequence of events in the story can be helpful in recalling the items.
  2. The story system may take more time than the link system because you have to take the time to fit each item into the story.
  3. The longer the list, the harder it can be to incorporate each item into the story
  4. Items memorized with the link system can be recalled backwards almost as well as forwards. It can be more difficult to recall items backwards with the story system
  5. Forgetting an item when recalling information encoded with the link system can prevent you from recalling all subsequent items. With the story system you may be able to jump ahead in the story to continue recalling subsequent items.

Applications of the story mnemonic system

The applications of the story mnemonic system are similar to those of the link mnemonic system. However, the story mnemonic system works better for pieces of information that are related to each other and hence easier to incorporate into a story.

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