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In order to achieve the goals of this website I have used the following techniques.


When looking for information related to personal development one often has an idea of what they are looking for. To help people find the information they are looking for I have organized this site in a hierarchy. If you are looking to make a budget, the information can be found under the financial section. If you are looking to lose weight, the health section would be the place to go.

Cross linking

As I mentioned in the section What Is Personal Development, one of the factors of personal development is awareness. Often what holds us back in our life are the things we are not aware of. How do we find what we are not aware of? To assist with this, this site is attempts to help you become aware of issues related to what you are looking for. This is done by including links to relevant information from other areas of the site. As this site grows to include more information you will not only be able to find the information you are looking for, but, more importantly, it will also help you find the information that you need to accomplish what you want.

At first you may feel you are bouncing around all over the place and that you are getting overwhelmed with information. That is also part of the design. But if you stick with it, the information will start to make sense. As you do the work, your insights into your self and life in general become deeper and clearer. As you work with the information here you are gradually building up a mental model into which all this information will fit. The first step of this process is information overload, so dive in and be persistent. Your efforts will be rewarded.


Many of the topics that are presented on this site are too big to fit on one page. As a result the information is organized in a module and spread over several pages. I have attempted to make each page self contained but often to fully understand a given topic you must read all the related pages.

You can always find the other pages for the given module at the bottom of the current page under the ‘Related Pages’ section.

The ‘More Information’ section at the bottom of a page lists pages that elaborate on the topic of the current page.

You can always see where you are on the site by looking at the path at top of the page. On this page the path is:

Finding Information

There are many ways to find information on this website. The easiest way is to use the search box which can be found on every page on this site.

You can also browse topics by using the Sitemap or navigate through the topics listed on the Home page.

All pages on this website provide links to related content. If you have already found some information that you like and want to find some related or supporting information, you will be able to find links to related pages of interest that either expand on the information presented or show you how to apply the information you have found.

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