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What is SkillsToolbox.com?

This website contains a collection of self help, personal development, and personal growth information. Ultimately, this website will provide a comprehensive collection of information and tools that I hope others will find useful. Since there is a lot of information to include, this site is under constant development. If there is a section that looks incomplete, or there is information you are looking for and it isn’t here, it probably will be sometime in the future.

Goals of this site

In addition to providing a comprehensive collection of personal development information, I also aim to present this information in a well structured way. I have read many books, attended many courses, and done much research, but these resources tend to focus on one area of interest. This is good as it provides in depth information about a topic. However, the relationship between different aspects of personal development get overlooked. In structuring this website I hope to show how all aspects of personal development, and ultimately oneself, are interrelated and influence each other.

By providing a comprehensive collection of information and tools and presenting them in a well structured way, I hope that readers of this website can easily find the information they need as well as related information that can be helpful. One of the most valuable things to gain in the process of personal development is awareness. By presenting related information I hope that I can increase the awareness of others and help them in healing and improving their life.

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