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Linking to this site

If you would like to link to this site I would appreciate it. Each page contains information about how to link to that particular page. This information is found in the lower left side of the page. If, for some reason, that information isn’t available, you can link to the website with the following HTML code:


Future Plans

This website is an ongoing project for me. There are many things that I hope to include and I am continually working on researching and writing for this website. I update it as often as possible though not as often as I would like.

My goal is to provide as many skills as I can in each of the sections that are given on the main page. Once I have a good repository of information I will start providing web based tools to assist you and help manage your personal development process. However, the development of these tools will take some time so don’t expect them too soon.

If there is something you would like to see added, feel free to contact me.

Reporting errors

While I strive to provide accurate information free from spelling and grammar errors, I am not perfect. If you find something that you believe is incorrect or misleading, please send me a message with the relevant information including the page url.


There are many free tools and resources on the internet that were used in the development of this website. I would like to acknowledge some of these resources here.

Dynamic content is possible through phpExternal Link

This site uses the Smarty template engineExternal Link for template processing.


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