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After you have chosen a goal or set of goals following the ideas outlined in the Choosing Goals section, write them down in detail.

Why Write it down?

Writing down your goal serves many purposes. Studies show that writing down your goals increases the likelihood of making them happen. By writing your goals down you are more likely to be specific and concrete which also increases the chances of achieving them.

When your goals have been written down they can then be reviewed regularly as a reminder to yourself of what you want to achieve. By keeping your goal in mind it becomes easier to make decisions as it will become clear if the decision will move you towards or away form your goal. Also, if you have already created a place to record your goals it is easier to add to or modify your goals in the future.

By having your goals written down it is easier to move on to the next step in the goal setting process which is breaking the goal into sub-goals as well as defining a timeline for you goals.

Strategies for recording your goals

It is important that how and where you record your goals is convenient for you. There are many ways to approach this task and the following tips should provide you with some ideas to get you started.

  • Keep a written list of several pages of all your goals. Make the first page your immediate goals/tasks. On a regular basis (say once a week) review all pages and move the immediate goals to the first page.
  • Keep a document in a word processor — use headings and subheadings to divide your goals and sub-goals
  • Use a calendar program such as Microsoft OutlookExternal Link (for PC), Microsoft EntourageExternal Link (for Mac), or Google CalendarExternal Link
  • Use a PlannerExternal Link. Most planners have sections for making notes
  • Use highlighters or font styles to identify different types of items

Remember — whatever strategy you choose, don’t make it too complicated or it may interfere with your ability to achieve your goals.

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