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After Prioritize Your Goals, you should have a goal that you want to start working on. While not all goals need to be broken down into sub-goals, some goals can be too large to tackle all at once. By breaking large goals into sub-goals it becomes easier to see how to proceed. Whenever a goal seems overwhelming or it is unclear where to start, it is usually a good idea to start by breaking it down into sub-goals.

For example, if your goal is to improve your health you can break this down into two main sub-goals: exercise and nutrition. These goals can be broken down further — the exercise sub-goal can be divided into learning about cardiovascular training and weight training as well as finding an activity that appeals to you that provides both. These goals can be broken down even further but this should be enough information to give you a general idea of how to break down a goal into sub-goals.

Before you can break a goal into sub-goals you may need to do some research. In this case your goal can simply be to do the necessary research. This is true for a goal or any of the sub-goals. For example, you first sub-goal for nutrition could be to read about NutritionExternal Link or see a dietician. Once you have more information you can make relevant more sub-goals.

It can be useful to use a mind map to break down a goal. This technique allows you to organize your ideas into a hierarchy. This will help you to see the dependencies between each sub-goal which makes it easier to schedule them when you Create a Timeline for your Goal.

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